SUMINO Extrusion Machinery is a privately owned, high-tech manufacturer of top-quality extrusion lines, located in Nanjing Jiangsu China. It has more than 8,000 square meters of workshops and more than 100 employees, including 20 engineers with medium and high professional titles. After decades of accumulation, Sumino has focused on innovation and technology development.

While constantly improving itself, it has also absorbed advanced manufacturing experience and has reached good cooperation with advanced Japanese manufacturing companies. The extrusion machines produced by SUMINO have received unanimous praise from the market, not only occupying a large share of the Chinese market but also being exported to 33 countries in the world.

SUMINO has established six categories of equipment R & D technology centers, they are plastic sheet production line, Film Cast Production Line, bi-axial Stretch Film Production Line,hollow sheet production line, extrusion laminating production line and stone paper production lines. We have accumulated considerable manufacturing and design expertise, enabling us to always provide our customers with a real market advantage.

Profession Extrusion Production Line

Promote Convenient Operation, Efficient Productivity, and High Performance with extraordinary high-tech  Extrusion Solutions.

Film Cast Production Line,Stretch Film Production Line,Plastic Sheet production line,Extrusion Laminating production line,Hollow sheet extrusion production line,Stone Paper production line.

Our Service

Provide the best quality and service to our partners. We have experienced technicians to ensure the quality of the products.

Our Paterners

The extrusion machines produced by SUMINO have received unanimous praise from the market, not only occupying a large share in the Chinese market, but also exported to 33 countries in the world.


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