The Paper Extrusion Coating Laminating Machine

The Paper Extrusion Coating Laminating Machine

  • Tuesday, 01 August 2023
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The Paper Extrusion Coating Laminating Machine

The Paper Extrusion Coating Laminating Machine

The paper extrusion coating laminating machine is a process that uses melted plastics to couple a film or aluminum foil to a substrate material like paper, cellulose, non-woven fabrics, and metal. The resulting laminated materials provide high-performance solutions for packaging and industrial applications that require the highest standards of quality, performance, and durability.

The resulting materials can also offer enhanced environmental and social benefits. Examples include thermal insulation for industrial use, waterproof membranes and food packaging. These types of materials have a long-term impact on the environment, which makes it important to manufacture them with the least possible amount of raw materials and energy. The paper extrusion coating laminating machines produce products with a lower carbon footprint and significantly reduce waste, saving valuable resources that would otherwise be wasted in the manufacturing process.

In a paper extrusion coating laminating plant, the molten resin is used to couple a second substrate that can be either another layer of plastic or a different type of substrate material. The resulting combination is then pressed together using pressure rolls. The process is similar to co-extrusion, which utilizes two or more separate extruders to produce multi-layer films.

This technology is used in a wide range of industries, including a number of sectors in the printing industry. The main benefit of this process is that it offers the ability to create a highly protective layer for printed materials. This layer is especially beneficial in protecting the print from moisture and other environmental contaminants that can damage or discolor it over time.

During the process of extrusion coating lamination, the two substrates are bonded together with the help of a pre-coating treatment that increases adhesion to allow the adhesive layer to bond effectively to the substrate. This treatment can be one-sided or both-sided depending on the application and can be done prior to the extrusion station or at the end of the line during winding. The Ferrarini & Benelli corona treaters are designed to provide an excellent level of treatment for this application at the highest line speeds.

An important factor in the successful operation of an extrusion coating laminating plant is the temperature control. The temperature of the molten polymer is very high, and this requires precise regulation to ensure that the correct amount is applied at all times. The temperature controllers supplied by Ferrarini & Benelli are digital, and they can achieve high power levels at maximum line speeds.

In addition to temperature control, the machines offered by Ferrarini & Benelli have an automatic gap and contact splicing system. This allows them to maintain high accuracy in gap splicing and winding. This ensures that the finished product has uniformity and a tight edge.

The splicers are equipped with tracking rollers, which can detect and compensate for the slight variations in tension that occur during production. This helps to ensure that the finished product is free from defects and is ready for use. It also enables the machine to produce high-quality products with low downtime and is ideal for long runs of production.

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